iDateAsia.com is one of the most popular international online dating site. Initially, iDateAsia.com appears in the online dating industry as a sister website of Chnlove.com, which was a decent Chinese dating site in Asia. According to the most recent statistic, iDateAsia.com retains up to ten thousands of men as well as women from different countries around the world, majorly Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and other Southeast Asia countries.

iDateAsia.com is perceived to offer users a stable, multilingual, cultural-barrier-free and convenient-to-use dating online platform for Western men to seek for Asian women. Through their communication system, members are able to know each other about cultural background and interest in to foster a closer relationship among each other.

Positive Features

  • All users are strictly controlled, selected, and verified in to ensure the high quality of the site.
  • EMF Mail Correspondence is implemented to solve languages barrier.
  • Provides comprehensive relationship consultant, safe chatting platform, and striking rewards scheme.

Negative Features

  • Might be a big cost in the long run.


iDateAsia.com Member Fees

It is totally FREE to register as a member.
However, it requires members to buy Qpid Credits if members wish to send message to another one.

100 Credits for $ 399.00 ( $3.99 per credit )
60 Credits for $ 299.00 ( $5.00 per credit )
32 Credits for $ 179.00 ( $5.60 per credit )
16 Credits for $ 96.00 ( $6.00 per credit )
8 Credits for $ 52.00 ( $6.50 per credit )
3 Credits for $ 21.00 ( $7.00 per credit )

One credit will be deducted from the account for each EMF mail you send or receive.

Controversy agianst iDateAsia.com

However, there are plenty of rumours and imputations against iDateAsian.com since the day they become eminent. Despite the successive censures and enumerations, iDateAsia.com is able to resolve them one by one efficiently in a brief period in to prevent users’ word of mouth from continue spreading negative news at the same time puzzle out the skepticism among them. From these cases, the efficiency of their marketing team and the quality of iDateAsia itself are evidently unbeatable and credible. Let’s see how iDateAsia respond with certain questions and statements from public.

  1. Are these Asian women on iDateAsia.com majorly fake?

What an accuse.. iDateAsia.com works with the most trustworthy dating agencies in Southeast Asia. In addition, iDateAsia.com has strong Anti-Scam Protection Policy, which take precautionary and remedial measures against potential harmful activities especially fake accounts creations and fake personal information. If one’s account is reported more than once, iDateAsia.com will reevaluate their profile status. iDateAsia.com strictly prohibits any fraud or suspicious actions on the site. If someone breaks iDateAsia’s rules and regulations, his/her profile will be temporarily suspended for further investigation, or forever banned when worst comes to worst.

2. Did iDateAsia.com examine the entire correspondence system?

Nope. iDateAsia.com implements a communication system called EMF Mail Correspondence. This system allows all members to meet and contact each other via emails, safely and arbitrarily. To define safely, iDateAsia.com enforces a icewall online security system to ensure the site is free from any scam. iDateAsia’s online purchasing system is protected by industry-standard security, called GeoTrust and Trustwave, which are the standout certification authorities in the world. Meanwhile to define arbitrarily, all members are authorized to contact anyone on iDateAsia.com. At the same time, iDateAsia offers professional translation services and relationship consultations to members. The correspondences from one party are automatically translated into certain languages such as Thai, Vietnamese or other Asian languages by iDateAsia system before deliver to another party. Next, the recipients may ask their friends or other people to help them express what they want to say and translate them into English, then send it to their ideal partner. This whole process is managed by users themselves without any poke and pry from iDateAsia.com.



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