Make love to help lose weight, consumption of calories is quite limited, if coupled with yoga, will be more beneficial to physical and mental health.

Come and see the following five kinds of love with love yoga position!

1. Cowboy straddle type: forging chain ankle strength, relax the quadriceps (muscle in front of the thigh).

Boys kneeling on the ground, girls sit cross-body boys. Boys and girls can be free to caress the body, girls can also be appropriate to stimulate the boys with the chest.

2. Cowherd and Weaver Bridge: forging the lower back, buttocks, paraspinal muscles.

Girls lie down, knees bent, open the legs, arch hips. Girls into the girls between the legs, girls can cooperate with each other to open and close your feet, and with the rhythm with the Kegel movement. By stimulating girls G point to achieve sexual orgasm.

3. Mandarin butterfly type: open, relax the buttocks muscles.

Girls sit, legs open, knees bent into a butterfly-shaped. Let the boys clutching their wrist. Men and women position swap is also good.

4. Under the dog-style: forging chain shoulder and upper back muscles.

Girls lying forward, legs open, hands stays, straighten the buttocks, waist and hip were in a straight line. Head and shoulder parts to the hip push. You can slightly bend the knee, adjust the height.

5. Plow type: to reduce the pressure on the back and neck.

Girls supine, boys kneeling, knees close together, leaning against the shoulders of girls. Girl’s legs turned over, separated from the buttocks, so that boys enter the legs. However, this is a difficult advanced position, no yoga experience of the beginners is best not to try, so as not to hurt the neck.

Don’t ever think of comforting your partner by putting your spine at risk!

Although the side of making love and doing love yoga is beneficial to physical and mental health, but if without prior full warm-up, as well as yoga foundation, it is better to go on progressively in order to prevent any physical injury.

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