Chnlove review is now one of the most popular international online dating site. It has connected few thousands of men from different countries across the world, and approximately twenty thousands of women majorly from China. ChnLove is a thoughtful platform where all users are authorised to chat with anyone and form closer ties among each other.’s features comprising Lovecall, EMF mail, Cupid Note, Flowers and Gifts, Visa and Travel, Dating Advice, Forums, Photo Gallery, Photo Uploads, and Translation Services.

The intention of is very simple but meaningful. ChnLove hopes to provide every single men a wonderland that is safe, multilingual, cultural-barrier-free, most importantly amusing and full of fun to seek for their congenial China women! ChnLove achieves an astonishingly high success rate among sites alike, and it is dedicated to growing into one of the world’s largest and most trusted online dating site.

Positive Features

  • Largest Chinese online dating site, retains more than 20,000 China women as members
  • Smooth communication by the unique EMF-Mail Forwarding Service
  • Translation service offered and effective & frequently-used online dating tools
  • Excellent Customer Service Team who are 24-hour standby for help

Negative Features

  • While credits system is a good for those men on a low budget and avoids from paying for long term contracts, it can be expensive in the long run. Membership

It is totally FREE to register as a member.
However, it requires members to buy Qpid Credits if members wish to send message to another one.

100 Credits for $ 399.00 ( $3.99 per credit )
60 Credits for $ 299.00 ( $5.00 per credit )
32 Credits for $ 179.00 ( $5.60 per credit )
16 Credits for $ 96.00 ( $6.00 per credit )
8 Credits for $ 52.00 ( $6.50 per credit )
3 Credits for $ 21.00 ( $7.00 per credit )

One credit will be deducted from the account for each EMF mail you send or receive.


Best things about

If you are a western man who tends to find a Chinese wife, then you ought to find a trusted Chinese dating site! So far as I know, and are my preferred choices. Both provide free as well as paid services with the similar business modes. While I personally recommend This is because its Chinese girls look genuine and decent, not so photoshopped(obviously edited) as that listed on other Asian sites. When you see some heavily edited pictures, undeniably you will feel uncertain and start wondering whether do they look the same in reality.

Based on the researches and statistics that I have done, the profiles of ChnLove ladies have to be doubled evaluated before they are posted to the international dating site. However, an international renowned dating site is unable to dodge but have to receive both appraisals as well as criticizes either from public or competitors. Same goes to ChnLove. ChnLove is a site with both positive and negative feedbacks. How to judge it from the perspective of a freshman who has no much experience about online Chinese dating? My point is to thoroughly know about it first. It’s a rule on making any choice, isn’t it? Don’t easily believe what others said or follow what others did! Use your mind to judge it based on what you know. Before we sentence ChnLove to death, I think we should take priority to know about it from a deep angle. It’s impartial for it as well as us, right?

However, the things that online dating site users concern about is that are the messages assuredly sent and received from real women, or any third party? Its’ very hard to not be suspicious when you start receiving chat messages immediately right after registering an account on Sometimes, you will receive 5 to 10 chat messages within a minute of signing up on the site. I doubt they are real users..

After doing so many reviews it’s hard not to see that these are probably going to be automated chat requests and not real people. just because there are pictures of attractive looking Asian women that appear to be sending you those messages, are they really chatting with you? Another thing to consider is that the all the image of female members on this site look like they have been taken by a professional photographer. Why would a professional photographer be taking photos unless he was getting paid to do it. And who would pay him to take professional model photos? Who benefits from the use of photos of models? The web site would benefit the most because in order to chat to the women you need to buy credits. We are not 100% sure that these women are in fact fake but common sense tells us not to purchase credits to this service. 

Regardless all the negative feedback against, I recommend everyone to give it a try first before you make your own judgement.

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